Excerpt: ‘Act Like a female, Think Like a Man’

Excerpt: ‘Act Like a female, Think Like a Man’

Read an excerpt of the renowned entertainer’s new guide for ladies.

Now he is switching this experience into sage advice when it comes to fairer sex. Just like the name of their guide states, a female could discover great deal if she’d « Act Like a girl, Think Like a guy. « 

Have a look at an excerpt regarding the guide below, then head to the « GMA » Library for any other great reads.

Had simply reached Hollywood and I also ended up being seeing several things my then thirty-eight-year-old eyes had never seen before. One particular that stood out many had been the life-style of the famous and celebrity that is well-regarded whose title i am simply planning to go right ahead and maintain myself. But that much we shall let you know: this guy had it all—money, middle eastern porn popularity, and a bevy of super-beauties so incredibly bad he may have effortlessly made Hugh Hefner scrape his head and wonder just exactly how he might get in on that action. After all this man had been enclosed by gorgeous females. Plenty. All. The. Time. And I also ended up being astonished as of this because i really couldn’t know the way one individual could easily get many of these fine ladies like this. I am talking about, he had beenn’t the dude that is best-looking the business—there had been other people with additional money, more prestige, and undoubtedly better appearance than him. Nevertheless, he had been a master at maintaining a collection of solid tens at all right times, with commitments to not one of them. We’d heard of these superplayers with supermodels on the hands and every thing, nevertheless when I saw it close up, I became astonished at how a real connections could happen, and particularly why these ladies remained with this specific guy, realizing that they certainly were one of several hanging on their supply.

And I also had a need to discover how it was done (um, maybe not neces¬sarily therefore that we, too, may have supermodels hanging on my every word, but because I became genuinely amazed because of the occurrence).

And I also necessary to discover how it was done (um, maybe maybe not neces¬sarily therefore that we, too, may have supermodels hanging to my every word, but because I happened to be truly impressed because of the trend). Therefore I sat down and chatted to the man and a number of other males who have been in comparable « relationships » and asked them point-blank: How do these women are kept by you finding its way back to get more? And every one, including the essential notorious of this lot, laughed, shook their mind, and stated just about the thing that is same those females want the cash, the fame, therefore the life style, and they are ready to set up with lots of things—not numerous of them good—to have it. « But do they realize,  » I inquired in most earnestness, « that this can be going nowhere?  » Usually the one man shook their mind even more and stated, just, « they don’t really understand where it really is going simply because they never ask.  » He included:  » just What am we expected to do—tell them i am just using them for intercourse and arm candy? It simply is really what it really is. « 

Additionally the more I inquired similar questions of dudes in comparable situ¬ations, we heard the exact same response, time and time again. And every time we asked them exactly what might have caused it to be various for the women they certainly were with, nearly right down to the letter, every one of those males stated the same task: if a lady stumbled on me personally and quizzed me at the start about my motives, they might have understood right from the start that i am perhaps maybe not in search of such a thing severe. They do not ask, each one of these said, me off, so I get to just string them along because they think they’re going to run. Therefore the one celebrity whom appeared to be the master of all of the for this stated, simply, « we have actually an adequate amount of them in order for once I obtain the concerns, I do not need certainly to answer because for each one girl whom asks, we have actually two more who won’t.  » Phone this what you would like: foul; incorrect; inexcusable—what¬ever. But that’s just just how it really is. And also this type or sort of reasoning from dudes is not only taking place in celebrity sectors, trust in me. It occurs with everyday guys—doctors and solicitors, truckers and deliv¬erymen, too. Many of them have since numerous ladies as a few of my celebrity buddies, plus the ladies they run game on are simply since fine as a few of the supermodels clinging to your arms of movie movie stars. However if you are a lady for a sequence of three or thirty-three, you are nevertheless for a sequence. And both you and I’m sure that is not a good destination to be. Your goal is always to don’t be on the sequence.

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